M.E is…

By Jonathan Fitzgerald

LoveisskinWho remembers those Love Is… comic strip cartoons which appeared in newspapers? The idea behind them was that there are so many different ways to express how it feels – and it’s a little different for every person.

So that got me thinking – what a good and creative way to share what M.E is to us. It would also be useful for those around us to see these short ‘definitions’ or insights, to help them better understand.


Love is losing track of time
So I’ll get the ball rolling with a few of my own and then this blog is over to you in the comments section!


  • M.E is… living in slow-motion some days
  • M.E is… like having anchors on your feet, anvils in your arms and led weights on your eyes
  • M.E is… having an almost empty battery inside you that won’t recharge
  • M.E is… very taxing, not relaxing
  • M.E is… running an errand and feeling like you’ve run a marathon
  • LoveiskissM.E is… when your brain says you can do more than your body then allows
  • M.E is… strong at making me weak but isn’t going to break my spirit.

Your turn! Be as simple or creative as you like. Just don’t swear!

What is M.E to you? What does it feel like? How would you describe it in these nutshells?



3 thoughts on “M.E is…

  1. I remember those comics, so cute!
    I have actually created quite a collection of memes like this about ME, I share them on Twitter and Instagram and I write more about each point on my blog. Like you said, it’s a great way to break it down so healthy people can gain better understanding of what it is actually like on a day to day basis.

    I love your list, some great descriptions!


    1. Hi – thanks! Yes, I think the more we can raise awareness, the better. I struggle to understand it myself some days, so others have no chance ;-p
      I’ve just given your blog a follow 😀


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